Spice up your life with Chef Carolina Ball, a senior and Criminology major at St. Mary’s University. Chef Caro cooked a traditional Mexican dish called “entomatadas” and shares a little bit about what cooking means in her life and how that’s kept her in touch with home.



· 1 pack of corn tortillas

· 3 tomatoes

· ½ onion

· Salt to taste

· Queso fresco (cheese)

· Olive oil

· Avocado



First, boil water and boil tomatoes. Then, cut onion. You will then heat up olive oil in two pans and fry tortillas in the pan. After that, shred cheese and add cheese to the tortillas.Roll tortillas with cheese and meanwhile, fry onions.Blend tomatoes and then fry the sauce in onion pan. Add tomato sauce over tortillas and after that, add more cheese over it. Finally, add avocado on the side and enjoy!

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